photograph credit - Ayan Guha

Durjoy Choudhury

Budhaprabha Roy

Premjit Dutta




Murphy's Paradox was born out of an abstraction, a kink, to somehow try and blur the lines separating Singer/Songwriter and Indie/Alternative music.


That's what our bio read when we started and proceeded to play gigs. The pandemic happened soon after, gigs got cancelled. After the first wave we began to recoup but we got disbanded due to some unavoidable circumstances and we had a hard time finding a drummer who suited our sound and frustration crept in.


It gave us time to reflect on ourselves individually, helped us realise why we're so stuck on making music. Why is it so important for us to create vibrations in various frequencies? Isn't that what sound is? Invisible waves creating invisible ripples in the atmosphere. What other art-form is so intangible?


The bio still reads the same, it's time to add to it.


We make music because when we're not doing it, we feel baffled. Because it heals us, keeps us centred. Getting back to music we felt like a whale that breached for air.


We hope that our music/our vibrations make people pause, reflect & find a moment or space within themselves, to let go, to take in, to sway.  To feel saudade.